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4 weeks ago
Being new to Dallas it was very difficult for me to find a new doctor that understood my needs. I was absolutely blown away with the level of care at Thorntree and their physicians.
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Happy Ferguson
3 months ago
Wonderful doctors with excellent care they really do spend time with the patient and listen to what they’re going through in order to get the right medication. Thank you.
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Natasha Dominique Handy
5 months ago
Dr. Stoica has had a tremendous impact on my life and I truly cannot recommend her enough. She has mastered how to create a comforting environment with her patients while also asking all the right questions and inviting an...
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5 months ago
I have been seeing Dr Kelt for several years and I hope I can forever! He is by far the best, most knowledgeable, patient, caring psychiatrist I’ve ever been a patient of. Highly recommended. I just recommended a coworker but...
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6 months ago
I have been with Dr. Lucas more than 22 years. Prior to Dr. Lucas I had wasted my time searching for the psychatric care I needed. Then our paths crossed and Dr. Lucas fit like a glove. Because of the years of experience, I...
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Chad Clawson
7 months ago
I initially started seeing Dr. Lucas for therapy after a catastrophic motorcycle injury. The first year of my treatment I was wheelchair-bound. The thought losing my lower extremity and to never be able to walk again...

Psychiatrist in Dallas, TX

Life can be a complex journey, and along the way, we all face unique challenges and emotions. At Thorntree Psychiatric Associates, we understand that your mental well-being is at the heart of your journey. We're here to be your guides, offering a helping hand and a listening ear as you navigate the path to a brighter, healthier you.

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Your Well-Being, Our Priority

When you choose Thorntree Psychiatric Associates, you're not just choosing a psychiatric practice; you're choosing a partner in your mental health journey. Our board-certified psychiatrists specialize in a wide range of services, from managing mood disorders, anxiety, and ADHD to offering innovative treatments like oral and nasal esketamine (Spravato). We believe in the power of personalized care, tailoring treatment plans to your unique needs. Our goal is to give you the tools to regain control over your life and experience the happiness and well-being you deserve.

Compassion in Action

As a practice, we pride ourselves on our empathetic and compassionate approach to mental health. We've made it our mission to help individuals of all ages, from children and adolescents to adults, on their journey to mental well-being. At Thorntree Psychiatric Associates, we understand that reaching out for help can be a significant step, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Our practice is not just about treating symptoms; it's about helping you address the root causes of your mental health concerns and unlocking your potential for a brighter future.

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Take the First Step Towards a Happier You

Your journey to a brighter, healthier you starts with a single step. Let Thorntree Psychiatric Associates be your partner in this journey. Reach out to us today, and together, we'll create a path to well-being that's tailored to you. Don't wait; your brighter future awaits. Get started now, and let's walk this path together.

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